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Premise Liability occurs when a person is hurt on another person’s property due to negligence or unsafe conditions. Due to most of the liabilities found, slip and falls usually happen in these companies:

And many more. These places usually have a lot of people in and out which can be a lot of people for employees to look out for. The Global Floor Safety Network states that slip-fall accidents are the number one cause of accidents in hotels, restaurants, and public buildings.

Usually, most slip and fall incidents happen because of negligence. As such, many slip and fall accidents happen due to the following causes:

  • Wet floor without a caution sign

  • Frayed or incorrectly placed rugs

  • Recently waxed floor without a caution sign

  • Uneven flooring

  • Broken or faulty machinery that creates a hazard

  • Faulty railings or stairways

Premise liability also can happen whenever the property fails to create a safe environment for their guests. This can include:

  • Overhead merchandise falling from racks

  • Knowingly having broken or faulty equipment without an adequate caution sign


Companies who attract a large number of customers have a duty of care to make sure safe conditions are present and maintained. By failing to do so, companies can be held liable. Slip and fall accidents can cause great and extensive injuries such as:

  • Spinal Injuries

  • Head and Brain Injuries

  • Hip Injuries

  • Broken Bones


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