Bicycle Accidents


Most people ride bicycles for pleasure or for a healthy lifestyle. However, due to negligence caused by distracted drivers, bicycle accidents can and do happen.

Roadways were designed for motored vehicles. And, cities offer bicycle only lanes.  However, those lanes are very few and far less seen. Due to this, cyclists are forced to use the roadway to travel. Most accidents happen due to drivers of cars and trucks being distracted. In addition, others are unsure about how to drive when there is a cyclist on the road. Therefore, do not give them adequate space.

According to, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2017, there were 783 bicycles killed in traffic crashes in the United States.  In addition, most accidents occur between 6 and 9 pm. Even with protective safety equipment such as helmets, gloves, reflective material, flags, and bike lights, accidents occur.  As a result, cyclists sustain injuries or in cases, death.

Injuries from a bicycle accident can be anywhere between life and non-life threatening. Cars and trucks are built with seat belts, multiple air bags, and the automatic emergency braking systems. In addition, they have the frame of the car to protect them. However, a bicycle does not have these safety mechanisms. The absence of these mechanisms cause cyclists to be injured in an accident. Common injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents include:


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