Motorcycle Accidents


Motorcycles offer an alternative to automobiles when comparing the cost to a car. They are often cost-effective when compared to a car due to needing less fuel and less maintenance. Motorcycles are easier to navigate around a city, as the buildup of cars can make streets compact and unmanageable. Also, motorcycles have to be maintained closer than cars so drivers of motorcycles must always be looking at what is in front of them as well as around them.
Unfortunately, motorcycles share the road with fellow drivers and accidents do occur.


Motorcycles are fairly smaller than a car, which gives them the ability to park in smaller spaces and use fewer resources. This smaller frame does make it harder for larger cars and trucks to see motorcyclists while on the road. Due to the advancement of technology, many people are using cellphones while driving and do not pay attention to their surroundings. This causes cars and trucks to not properly watch out for motorcycles and causes accidents.
Common injuries caused by motorcycle accidents include:


We at Tran Law Group know how traumatic an accident involving a motorcycle is. Since the degree of protection is lessen when riding a motorcycle, injuries sustained can be worse and life-changing. These injuries can also make motorcyclists suffer from long term care.
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