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Accidents involving another car are the most common accidents in the US. Due to negligence and recklessness, accidents, unfortunately, do occur. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2017,  3,166 people were killed in the United States due to incidents involving a distracted driver and many more were injured. As a result of these distracted drivers, victims, and their families experience the physical, emotional, and financial consequences.


Car accidents happen every day and can happen anywhere, whether a vehicle is in a parking lot or on the road. Car accidents can happen at anytime as well. Even with the advancement of technology to help drivers drive more safely, such as rear-view cameras and lane departure warnings, accidents still happen and it is usually due to the following causes:


Distracted Driving

Drivers that are on their cellphone are the most distracted drivers. Distracted drivers take the focus off the road and on to something else. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that the main types of distracted driving are visual, manual, and cognitive distractions. Examples of distracted driving are:

  • Eating

  • Drinking

  • Using the phone while driving

  • Texting while driving

  • Having a conversation with someone in the car

  • Using the navigation system

The CDC reports that texting while driving is the most dangerous distraction because it combines all three types of distraction and takes your eyes off the road for 5 seconds. A fatal accident can happen in as little as 5 seconds. The rule of thumb is to pull over safely if you need to make a phone call. 


Weather Conditions

Roadways are affected by rain, hail, fog, sleet, and snow. These types of weather reduce a driver’s ability to see clearly. Rain accumulates for more car accidents than any other weather condition. Drivers feel that they can drive similar to when the weather is clear which usually leads to speeding.



Driving under the Influence

Car accidents occur when drivers are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Driving under the influence affects the ability to clearly look at surroundings and play a huge factor in car accidents. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, in 2018, accidents involving drivers under the influence of alcohol accounted for 9,359 crashes and 1,830 of crashes with a driver under the influence of drugs in urban areas.


When drivers drive over the speed limit, this can affect stopping time needed to safely stop. Speeding can be caused by driving under the influence, negligence, or horseplay. In any case, it can cause a dangerous hazard other vehicles.

Failing to Yield

Car accidents happen when drivers fail to yield the road to other motor vehicles. It is the most common cause of motor vehicle accidents. Drivers should take precautions to yield to other motor vehicles especially in designated areas. The most common places motor vehicles fail to yield is at:

  • 4-way intersections

  • Malfunctioning traffic lights

  • Entering or exiting a freeway

  • 2-way stops

  • Making a left turn

Unsafe Lane Change

Drivers who do not give themselves adequate room or time to safely change lanes or do not signify to others that they are changing lanes can be cited with unsafe lane change. Since trucks are larger than most vehicles on the road, changing lanes unsafely can cause an accident and cause serious bodily injury or fatality.

Reckless driving

Reckless driving is very serious in that a driver disregards traffic laws. Reckless driving is often cited as a serious traffic violation as it is mostly done with clear intention to cause damage to property and other vehicles. Recklessness can cause serious injury to all on the road.


Injuries from a car accident can be anywhere between life-threatening and non-life-threatening. Impacts can be lessen due to the design of a vehicle. Safety mechanics built into the car such as seat belts, multiple air bags, and the automatic emergency braking systems also help protect from impacts. However, even with safety mechanisms, injuries do occur. Common injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents include:

  • Neck injury

  • Spinal injury

  • Head and brain injury

  • Shoulder Injury

  • Broken bones

  • Psychological stress


Other injuries can also happen when an accident occurs so it is best to receive medical treatment as soon as possible.



No one expects to be involved in an accident and as such, many do not know what to do after experiencing one. Tran Law Group recommends swift action after you were involved an accident to fully recuperate your maximum compensation.

  • After an accident, you should immediately check to make sure any and all occupants in the vehicle were injured.

  • Call 911 so that local law enforcement and emergency medical services arrive to the scene.

  • Take pictures of the scene of the accident as well as all vehicles involved in the accident if possible.

  • Make sure to receive information of the other drivers as well as any incident numbers from the police who are investigating the scene. Information may include names, address, phone numbers, insurance information of the other drivers as well as identification.

  • If any one witnessed the accident, be sure to collect the name, address, and phone number of each witnesses.

  • Seek medical care following the accident either at the local hospital, urgent care, or a physician.

  • Call Tran Law Group so that our staff can help with any and all insurance companies involved in the accident.



Car accidents can be life-changing and emotionally upheaving. At Tran Law Group, our Houston Car Accident Lawyers will work to insure you and your loved ones can receive compensation for the damages and injuries incurred by another driver’s recklessness and negligence. Contact our office at 713-789-5200 today for a free consultation.